Weißensee Cemetery Berlin

Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (10 of 4)My colleague Hans Schilderman recommended me to visit Weißensee Cemetery, one of two cemeteries of the Jewish Community in Berlin that are still in use. As there is plenty of information available in publications and on the internet, I limit myself to showing a few visual impressions of this institution of jewish life in our capital. For me, of the various places I visited, and conversations I had, during my most recent stay in Berlin, the Weißensee Cemetery directly speaks to the heart. It’s a wonderful place to maunder and contemplate the meaning of life.

I agree to my colleague that a visit can be highly recommended.Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (7 of 2)Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (8 of 2)Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (7 of 4)Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (8 of 4)Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_WeissenseeCemetery_20140810_Email (9 of 4)


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