‘Decelfies’: photographing onself slowly

Steinkamp_BerlinBLOG_Decelfies_20140729-30 (3 of 4)Decelfie = selfmade neologism composed of ‘to decelerate’ and ‘selfie’. The idea is to photograph oneself with a pinhole camera to celebrate deceleration, blurr, imperfection. Using shutter speeds between, in this developing series, a minute and 6 to 8 hours allows time to infiltrate into a photograph in much larger portions than with a ‘regular’, lens-equipped camera.

This summer I experienced slowing down to be quite a challenge for myself. The last months at work had to offer so much multitasking at an ever increasing speed and intensity that I felt disturbingly empty and exhausted when summer was finally there. Taking plenty of time for unspectacular things while being at unspectectular places helps me reconnect. Giving an anachronistic turn to a contemporary frenzy may help me appreciate this without taking myself all too deadly serious.Steinkamp_BerlinBlog_Decelfies_20140805_Email (9 of 3)

Steinkamp_BerlinBLOG_Decelfies_20140729-30 (1 of 4)Steinkamp_BerlinBLOG_Decelfies_20140729-30 (2 of 4)Well, the next one’s a sleeping pill pic. What you see is a whole night, about 7.5 hours …Steinkamp_BerlinBLOG_Decelfies_20140729-30 (5 of 1)

2 thoughts on “‘Decelfies’: photographing onself slowly

  1. Norbert, these are awesome! Great idea at this day and age of selfies of nonsense moments in people everyday lifes. Love them!


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