Daddy, you know, I’m your sunshine anyway!

Steinkamp_GriechenlandKykladen_20150816-30_Naxos20150828_LRAgedPhoto (1 of 1)Portara, the great portal of an unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo, built, then abandoned in the 6th century BC, is a landmark near the harbour of Naxos town. Before and during sunset the site usually becomes a theater. Locals and visitors gather to view the sun disappear slowly into the Aegean Sea and behind the hills of nearby Paros Island.

During these precious moments of the day at this location, countless pictures are taken. Besides the sun and the monument – preferably the former framed within the latter – people photograph each other. The ones are on stage; the others split up in groups of directors and photographers (m/f). Some share intimate moments.

While blocking the view at the sun for a short moment (and peeking between his mom’s stretched arms), this curly-haired boy came to a most logical conclusion: “Daddy, you know, I’m your sunshine anyway!”

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